Available PhD Programs in the field of Chemistry

Head of the PhD Program: Prof. Dr. Katalin Kövér


  • Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
  • University of Debrecen
  • 4002 Debrecen P.O. Box 400, Hungary
  • E-mail: kover@science.unideb.hu
  • Office: E-19, Chemistry building, Egyetem tér 1

Secretary of the PhD Program: Dr. László Juhász

Available PhD Programs in the field of Chemistry
Program Head of Program
Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Prof. Ferenc Joó
Coordination and Analytical Chemistry Prof. István Fábián
Macromolecular and Surface Chemistry Prof. Sándor Kéki
Chemistry and Chemical Biology of Carbohydrates and Heterocycles Prof. László Somsák
Research on Didactics of Teaching Chemistry Dr. Zoltán Tóth

Length of the program: 6 semesters


The following items will be considered and scored during the (oral) admission process
  Hungarian Applicant, MSc Diploma Hungarian Applicant MSc Diploma 3+ years old or Foreign Applicant
Proficiency in Chemistry (max. 40 pts) (max. 55 pts)
Quality of the Diploma (max. 30 pts) not considered
Previous scientific activity (research papers, lectures, posters, etc.) (max. 30 pts) (max. 45 pts)

A successful applicant should reach a minimum of 60 points (total).

For admission enquiries please check http://englishstudies.sci.unideb.hu or send a message to englishstudies@detek.unideb.hu

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